California Incident-Based Reporting System (CIBRS) Entry

Welcome! The purpose of this course is to provide RIMS users guidance on entering information into a RIMS Case report to satisfy the collection and reporting requirements for the California Incident-Based Reporting System (CIBRS).

This course requires that the user understands how to properly create, enter, and update information within a RIMS Case report.  In addition to this course, it is strongly recommended that the user complete a formal NIBRS course for a broader understanding of NIBRS requirements and usage as this course is NOT intended as a substitute for or to provide instruction regarding NIBRS.  Sun Ridge Systems also highly recommends users complete the RIMS Case Entry course as well. 

This course is organized by Lessons.  Each Lesson addresses a specific part of the RIMS Case that requires NIBRS information.  Lessons also address how to compile and submit NIBRS reports to the California Department of Justice CIBRS Repository.

Below are the course materials.  These materials will help facilitate addressing questions users may have regarding CIBRS. 

This course does not address agency-specific policies.  Where conflicts between course instruction and agency policy differ, consult with the agency Records Division (if applicable) or the RIMS System Administrator.  For assistance with course content, guidance, and other training issues, contact RIMS eLearning Support.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes


CIBRS Case Entry and Reporting

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